New post on the way

And apologies for lack of content.

I’ve been running a short-term extraordinarily intense proofreading gig for the past 57 days, often with 10+ hour shifts, and my brain is pretty well cooked at this point. Producing any kind of content right now is like pushing a dumpster up a reasonably steep hill, and no matter how many times I insisted to myself that I WOULD actually be prompt and on-schedule with this newsletter, it didn’t happen.

I am, however, glad to say that this gig ends for me on the 19th, so beginning March 20 and henceforth I might actually be able to write things, including fiction and posts about how planes crash and why, and therefore your subscriptions will bear fruit. However: I’m going to try to get something up tomorrow before I go on shift, possibly including questions regarding what kind of content you guys are most interested in.

Thanks for your patience,


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